My Services

Brent Shaub's hands on student's foot

Both through spoken group classes and individual hands-on sessions, I help people improve motor-based activities. From managing my own pain since 2000, I offer a range of strategies to empower my clients towards self-sufficiency.

I'm a registered provider for NDIS: innovative community participation, therapeutic supports, and exercise physical personal training. If you live near Greta, Lorn, Maitland, Newcastle or Cessnock, I can come to you.

Rosie Rees: Intimacy Coach | Yoga Instructor

“During my sessions with Brent I always felt safe and relaxed. Brent is an extremely professional and diligent practitioner and guides you through the process attentively. After talking through my injury with Brent, he intuitively performed gentle movements which led to alleviating the pain. The Feldenkrais technique is subtle, but the improvements are surprisingly transformational, especially witnessing my body’s changes and feeling at the end of the session. Brent is highly trained and exceptional at this healing modality. I highly recommend!”

Andrew Gaines: Feldenkrais Practitioner who trained with Moshe Feldenkrais | psychotherapist | EFT trainer

“This is a note of praise for Brent. I have gained from individual Feldenkrais lessons with some of the most accomplished Feldenkrais practitioners in the world. I was very pleased with the after effects of my FI session. The next day my posture was better and my breathing was more open. I couldn’t ask for more; it was good. But there was something more. There was something about part of Brent’s approach that was not only subtle, but new to me. I felt that it was effective, but, frankly, I didn’t know quite what he was doing. I would like to learn more.”

Tracey Monk: Yoga teacher

“After recently tearing a muscle in my calf, I became interested in looking at different ways to support myself better and prevent future injury. The Feldenkrais Method was introduced to me at this time. My initial treatment felt like a revelation; I became so aware of my body’s ease and resistance to different movement paths. I instantly made the correlation to why my body had been injured.

The treatments were done in such a gentle and supportive level that I felt a true sense of trust and letting go into the moment. This sense of safety was revealing on a psychological level through behaviour. Throughout the four sessions, I felt an increased level of stability in my ankle, knee and hip, making an inner connection that was evident on a practical level. The areas I noticed improvements were in my standing, walking, and with my yoga and weighted squat practice.

I have a very deep sway in my lower back and have spent many years in trying to correct this. What I unfortunately achieved through repetitive strengthening and straightening was a rigid over-correction that looked and felt unnatural. The Feldenkrais sessions helped restore a more natural posture that I feel comfortable with. It grants me strength, softness and femininity together in harmony.”

My Case Studies

Maddie's mother, Hellen, took up my offer to explore effectiveness of MicroYoga on her daughter with Down Syndrome. Through mostly non-verbal communication, Maddie's keen ability to pay attention to led to a clear difference in her gait and balance in only seven sessions over three weeks. Maddie's willingness to play, enjoyment of life and uplifting effect on others are clearly seen in this short doco. (6 min)

Kelly had a difficult upbringing with lack of sports and any form of physical expression. When throwing an inanimate object like a pen, she'd chuck it quick with an overhand throw that was difficult to catch and felt aggressive. It was clear she needed to re-inhabit her body. This lengthy video portrays a stark contrast between someone afraid to explore, and the person she became: keen to see what's ahead. Video (23 min)