MicroYoga / Feldenkrais
  • Weave your life's tapestry with refined dexterity.
  • Free yourself from needless pain.
  • Live the life you yearn for.
Knowledge-transfer Strategies:
  • Weekly Classes in person
  • Half-day Workshops in person
  • Multi-day Intensives in person
  • Multi-week Transformationals in person
  • Online Recordings
  • Hard-copy Book pre-order at 50% off
Case Studies

Brent Shaub, me, age 39

What changes took place from 60-90 minutes a day of MicroYoga from Jan to Jun 2016
Movement Courses in Auslan: Hatha Yoga and MicroYoga
Retreat: Four-day residential with Karli Dettman and Brent Shaub
Thu 27 Apr to Sun 30 April, 2017
Mayumarri / Heal For Life Centre
Quorrobolong NSW 2325

The entrance to the Philip House. Welcome.

To register or enquire more information, email Brent @ EmbodyWisdom.Today or text him at 0404 429 271.
To speak with someone of hearing, feel free to contact Kelly Lawn at 0421 474 806.
MediSit Stools

I build these, and did so because the difficulty in finding comfort sitting at home, work, driving, on the train, bus, plane, etc led to increasing pelvic pain. These seats are soft enough to please the skin yet firm enough for the bones continue their role of efficiently bearing weight.

$129AUD for the model on the left, which now feature fitted black foam atop.

Features: MedISit models.  Left: v6, right: v5
How to Contact
Email: Brent@EmbodyWisdom.Today (preferred)
Skype: Brent.Shaub
Mobile (Australia): 0404 429 271
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmbodyWisdom.Today/