I'm Brent Shaub
Movement Coordinator
Weave your life's tapestry with refined dexterity.

Your Home as Venue

Daily Feldenkrais Tailored to You
Weave your life's tapestry with refined dexterity.

Hosts receive their choice of service for an hour a day.  Earn more time by skill-sharing or collaborating.


Feldenkrais UK - London Training

18 - 23 Feb   London, England
Feldenkrais UK - London Training

Feldenkrais European Advanced Training Retreat

19 - 22 Mar   Aurillac, France
Feldenkrais European Advanced Training Retreat

Days Onsite
Hours Practicing
Hours Collaborating
Happy Hosts
  • Classes
Classes guide through movements you explore autonomously. They are gentle and safe with frequent rests to integrate. You learn new ways to move in a familiar environment.

Amber Alley

Amber Alley Trainer at Heart Living Arts

"It's powerful and very subtle. Afterwards I'm noticing more about how I move, and I move much more gently: I feel like I'm inhabiting my body more."

Raven Grace

Raven Grace Dance Acro Yoga Movement

"Feldenkrais® is often just what the doctor ordered: calm, clear, efficient movement and deep listening. Brent's passion and broad knowledge come through."

Rosie Rees

Rosie Rees Founder of Nude Yoga

"During my sessions with Brent, I always felt safe and relaxed. He is a professional and diligent practitioner. After talking through my injury, he performed gentle movements which led to alleviating the pain. Subtle but surprisingly transformational. Brent is exceptional. I highly recommend!"

  • One-on-One
Private sessions offer unparalleled depth into self-discovery. From subtle manipulations that listen, you'll discover clear pathways that immediately affect your well-being.

  • Mentoring
Doris Hosslocher

Doris Hosslocher GP, FPTP Student

"I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into your reply, I felt supported. Learning self-use in FI by making an ATM with props is fantastic. The potting mix bag idea is genius and I will try it out. Takes all the pressure away about what the person is experiencing, the am I doing it right?, and are they feeling what they're supposed to be feeling?"

Andrew Gaines

Andrew Gaines Trained by Moshe Feldenkrais

"I've received Feldenkrais lessons from some of the most talented people in the world, and am intrigued by what Brent does. I would like to learn more."

Travel Log

Paul Pui Wo Lee

23 Dec '18 - 6 Jan '19
Malmö, Sweden

"Thank you for the lessons which made clear how I can fully utilise my ankles to support and direct my whole self. What I learned has proven fundamental to understand mechanics in a different light. When teaching, I feel my classes have more substance! I continue to express meaningfully in my own dancing too!"   - Paul Pui Wo Lee

Katharina Kamber Kristian Dinesen

6 - 17 Jan
Frederiksberg, Denmark

"We were happy to have you here and got inspired from the sessions with you. Best wishes and good luck with everything."   - Katharina Kamber and Kristian Dinesen

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